Laura Dempsey Saddler
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Master Saddler for Astride and Side saddles

Jand Dobson
Jane Dobinson riding in style on one of her hunters. Jane has also had numerous wins in the show ring and rides in a saddle made by Laura Dempsey.



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Award winning side saddlesLaura Dempsey is an accomplished Master Saddler and maker of Side Saddles using both modern and traditional methods, with her achievements recognized and awarded in competition. To date she has won prizes with her saddles on several occasions.

Old Side Saddles still in good condition are increasingly difficult to obtain as many are now beginning to reach the end of their days. It’s not just the leather that deteriorates with time but also the tree can become weaker with age.

Laura is five times winner of the Side Saddle Association Trophy (2003, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2011) which is awarded to the Side Saddle entry displaying the highest quality of workmanship at the SMS Annual competitions. In 2008, with one of her Side Saddles (pictured above), she was also winner of the Bruce Emtage Memorial Trophy for the Best Overall Entry at the Society of Master Saddlers Annual National Saddlery Competition.

New saddles are occassionally made and offered for sale. Please contact Laura to enquire what may be coming up for sale.

Mary Denton Mary Denton, riding her horse Bambi, enjoys hunting side saddle for the first time on New years Day. 


Many thanks to all those clients of Laura’s who have been kind enough to contribute pictures of themselves and their lovely horses for this website.

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